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Zero Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

You are considering filing for bankruptcy in Virginia because you’ve come to the decision that it’s time to get a fresh start. Perhaps you are being sued or garnished. Maybe a creditor is about to take your house or car. You are starting to do research and are finding that bankruptcy is a great option to get rid of that debt.

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But here’s the problem, the Virginia bankruptcy attorneys you call want to be paid for everything in advance. And “everything” usually means between $1,500 – $4,000. Where are you supposed to come up with that money, particularly if you are already being garnished? Chances are if you had a lot of extra money you wouldn’t need to file bankruptcy in the first place.

$0 Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Virginia

The reason bankruptcy attorneys need to collect all the money upfront is because there is a problem with the laws that govern how we are paid. You see, when you file bankruptcy, all of those credit card bills, medical bills, and most other bills are going to be discharged – whatever you owe as of the minute you file your case. The problem is that if you owe your attorney money, whatever the balance is will be discharged as well. That means that the attorney technically can’t even send you a bill – because you don’t owe the money. And that’s why they need to collect their fees upfront.

No Money Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Here is how Fisher-Sandler is different. We allow you to enter into two separate retainer agreements with us. Under the first retainer (contract), we will do an “emergency filing” and file your bankruptcy case for free. We can typically do that in less than an hour. After the emergency filing, there is still 90% of the work that needs to be done – filing the other 50 pages of forms, stopping lawsuits and garnishments against you, getting the trustee documents that he will need, prepare you for the meeting with the trustee, and attend that with you. So after we do your emergency filing, you have three options on who will do all of that additional work: 1) you can represent yourself; 2) you can hire another attorney; or, 3) you can hire us.

No Money Down Bankruptcy Process

After meeting with us and beginning to work with us, we think you will choose option three. At that point, we can make a payment plan that suits your finances – such as paying $125/month for the next year.

Will I Qualify For No Money Down Chapter 7?

Why doesn’t anyone else do this? This is something new around the country and we are the first firm in Northern Virginia to offer it. It also might be that other attorneys simply want to be paid everything upfront before they do the work. We don’t mind waiting to be paid – we think you are good for it.

There are income requirements to qualify for this program. You need to be making at least $2,000/month from some source (job, pension, social security, etc.), or if you don’t, you essentially need a co-signor who makes $3,000/month.

This program is one of the many things that makes Fisher-Sandler stand apart from other law firms in Northern Virginia. Call or email us to make an appointment today, and let’s start you down the road to financial freedom.

Zero Down Chapter 7 in Virginia

In Virginia, individuals who are facing overwhelming debt and financial hardships may consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as “liquidation bankruptcy,” is a legal process that allows eligible individuals to eliminate their debts by liquidating non-exempt assets to repay creditors. One aspect that may be appealing to individuals is the possibility of a “$0 down” option when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

This means that individuals can initiate the bankruptcy process without having to pay any upfront fees or costs to their attorney. Instead, the attorney’s fees can be included in the overall bankruptcy filing, which is typically paid off through the bankruptcy process. By choosing this option, individuals can seek relief from their overwhelming debts and work towards a fresh financial start in Virginia.

$0 Down Bankruptcy Attorneys in Virginia

By opting for the $0 down chapter 7 bankruptcy in Virginia, individuals can access the benefits of bankruptcy without the burden of immediate financial obligations. This approach can be particularly helpful for those who are already experiencing significant financial strain. Through the filing process, individuals can enjoy an automatic stay, which provides immediate relief from collection efforts, wage garnishments, and foreclosure proceedings.

Additionally, the bankruptcy trustee will be responsible for evaluating and liquidating eligible assets to distribute funds to creditors. While certain assets may be sold, individuals can typically retain essential possessions and assets protected under Virginia’s bankruptcy exemptions. By taking advantage of the $0 down chapter 7 bankruptcy option, individuals in Virginia can pave the way toward a debt-free future and begin rebuilding their financial stability with a clean slate.

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