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Uncontested Divorce

Are you and your partner ready to move on and end your marriage? Have you settled all property, custody and support issues arising out of the marriage? If the answer is yes to those two questions, than you are ready to dissolve the marriage in an orderly manner.

An uncontested divorce can be completed in less than a month. We can provide you with affordable representation to complete the process in a quick and painless manner. If you thought that getting a divorce had to take a long time and would cost a small fortune, you’ll be happy to hear that is not true. If you and your spouse have already worked out the property, support and custody issues in your marriage, than you can be divorced quickly and inexpensively. Likewise, if you don’t know where your spouse is, you can still obtain a divorce more easily than expected.

In Virginia, married couples can get an “uncontested” or “amicable” divorce when they have been living separate and apart for only six months if the parties have signed an agreement settling all matters arising out of the marriage. For couples with children, the minimum time apart is one year before an uncontested divorce filing is allowed. Such an agreement is not necessary if the time of separation exceeds one year.

If you and your spouse are both available to sign the necessary documents, I can process your uncontested divorce for only $777, and that includes all the court and other costs.

After getting all of the necessary information from you to draft the paperwork, a Complaint is filed with the court outlining the facts of the case and why you want a divorce. At that point your spouse would sign several papers if he/she is available to do so. After that we can wrap up your paperwork in a few days and submit it all to the court to be signed by the judge.

NO COURT APPEARANCE IS NECESSARY! When I do your uncontested divorce, there is no waiting around all morning to be heard by an intimidating judge in a chaotic courtroom. Call the Law Offices of Fisher – Sandler LLC to get divorced in as little as a month. Call today 703-967-3315 or 703-691-1642

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