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Are you currently facing Serious financial distress in East Highland Park? Threatening calls from creditors make it difficult to think clearly about how to handle the situation. When creditors are threatening to foreclose on your home or business assets, levy your bank accounts or repossess your car, it can be so overwhelming that seeing a way out isn’t something you can do on your own; you literally feel like you are being battered by a storm. During times like these, you need the experience of an East Highland Park bankruptcy attorney.

At Fisher-Sandler, LLC – Richmond, VA we are committed to helping you out of your current financial difficulties. We have helped thousands of East Highland Park & Henrico County residents and small business owners successfully file for bankruptcy protection under the bankruptcy code since 1999. With over 60 years of combined bankruptcy law experience, Michael Sandler, Nathan Fisher, and Sharon Choi Stuart have what it takes to get your bankruptcy petition filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Richmond Division and get it done right the first time.

We specialize in filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcy (for individuals). So whether your facing wage garnishment, home foreclosure, eviction, utility bill cut-off notices, car repossession, creditor lawsuits, credit card debt, medical bill debt, frozen bank account/accounts, IRS tax levy, judgments, etc. We can help stop your financial nightmare today! Call The Bankruptcy Law Offices of Fisher-Sandler (804) 664-3643 and schedule your FREE consultation. After our consultation, you will walk away with a clear picture of what would be in your best interest. Stop living in fear and get the fresh start today.

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Bankruptcy Services in East Highland Park

If you are heavily in debt and facing creditor lawsuits, home foreclosure or repossession of a vehicle, bankruptcy could be a viable option that might bring you tremendous relief. You should also consider bankruptcy if you are living paycheck to paycheck, using your credit cards to meet basic living expenses or borrowing money from family and friends to pay your bills. For businesses that are struggling financially, bankruptcy might also be an appropriate option.

We offer free initial consultations to people who are ready to take action towards declaring bankruptcy or fighting foreclosure. We invite you to call us at any time, 24/7.

Our Bankruptcy Services in East Highland Park:

– Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

– Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

– Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

– Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

– Mortgage Loan Modification

 Uncontested Divorce

– Stop Wage Garnishment

– Stop IRS Levy

– Stop Bank Levy

– Foreclosure Defense

– Student Loan Modification

– Property Exemptions

– Tax Forgiveness

– Auto Repossessions

– Stop Creditor Harassment

East Highland Park Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

In the United States, there are different ways that individuals can file for bankruptcy. Most people seeking bankruptcy protection will file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Filing under Chapter 7 can give you the opportunity to eliminate your outstanding debt, as it is the liquidation form of bankruptcy that essentially wipes out all of your debt.

This method is beneficial to those who do not have any income source or only have a little money left to pay back the debts. In order to qualify for Chapter 7, you will need to take the “means test“, which will determine if you have any disposable income to pay back to your creditors. If you do not have enough disposable income, you will be allowed to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7.

You can qualify to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy by passing the means test. The means test reviews all aspects of your income to make sure that you are below the median income of the specific state. If you are under the average income, you are probably qualified to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The process begins with the action of filing a bankruptcy petition with the Richmond bankruptcy court. Immediately after filing you are protected by the “automatic stay” from ANY creditor actions, creditors should cease all debt collection attempts against you. The process takes approximately four months to complete, though the exact amount of time may vary.

The Benefits of Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are many benefits to filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy for those facing immense debt. It allows you to walk away from your debt and look toward a healthy financial future. This process is fast, there are no monthly payments that have to be stressed and unsecured debts are released after the process is complete. This type of bankruptcy also ends any attempts at credit collection. You can stop harassment as soon as you file as well as halt foreclosure to help you to keep your home. Feel free to contact one of our attorneys at your soonest convenience to schedule a free consultation.

East Highland Park Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 13 bankruptcy (also known as “the wage earner’s plan”) allows you to create a 3 to 5-year repayment plan based on future earnings to pay off all or part of your debts to creditors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option feasible and appealing to people who want to keep certain non-exempt assets or secured assets, such as a home or car, but need an extended period to repay arrearages. It is also available to those who do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy but are wage earners with disposable income.

If you abide by the terms of your repayment agreement, all your remaining dischargeable debt will be released at the end of the plan, which is typically 3-5 years. The amount you have to repay monthly is determined by several factors, including your disposable income. By the end of the plan, the total amount you will pay to creditors under the Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan must be at least as much as creditors would have received if you had filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To file Chapter 13 bankruptcy you must have a regular source of income and have some disposable income to apply toward your Chapter 13 payment plan.

In addition to reorganizing, restructuring your debt, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may provide you significant debt relief. Say your income is over the median, or under median but you have disposable income in your budget. You only have to pay into the Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan the amount of that disposable income. Upon successful completion of your case, all dischargeable debts are discharged, regardless of the amount you have paid into the plan. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can stop penalties, stop interest, cram down the cost of vehicles and other collateral securing debts, take time to repay arrearages on secured debt such as mortgages, and perhaps obtain other debt relief. Each year the Chapter 13 trustee will review your income tax return and repayment plan. A successful Chapter 13 can achieve dramatic debt reduction.

Like all forms of bankruptcy, an “automatic stay” begins as soon as you file a petition for bankruptcy. This blocks foreclosure of your home and repossession of your vehicle, and it stops the IRS from wage levies while stopping all threatening calls.

East Highland Park Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is often referred to as a “reorganization case” and is typically reserved for businesses and incorporated businesses, although it may be an option for certain individuals. When an individual has debts that exceed the limitations of Chapter13, Chapter 11 is available for reorganizing debt.

Confirmation of a Chapter 11 repayment plan will discharge debts based on the Plan of Reorganization. Failure to complete the plan of reorganization, or to get a debt repayment plan approved, will often result in such Chapter 11 case getting converted to a liquidating Chapter 7 with the appointment of a Chapter 7 trustee.

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a complex process and requires careful analysis and planning. Unlike Chapter 13, the debtor in Chapter 11 serves as their own trustee and the law imposes strict duties on the individual in this role.

East Highland Park Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney

Emergency bankruptcy is an abbreviated way of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 that speeds up the initial protections set in place. By protections, it is meant that you should gain the standard guard from creditors who may pursue you. This includes the “automatic stay”. This shortened version of filing for bankruptcy reduces the paperwork exponentially from approximately 50 pages to two. Needless to say, the process can relatively simple if you have some knowledge of where to at least begin, and is more importantly, much quicker at securing your financial safety. Filing for emergency bankruptcy essentially excludes certain information normally required to file. This includes all of your creditor’s information, a detailed personal budget/assets, and even details regarding estimated assets pricing and evaluations.

When you need to file an emergency bankruptcy in East Highland Park, you can get your bankruptcy forms filed online quickly. Plus, your attorney can access online filing at any time of the day, any day of the week, and start the online filing process by uploading only a small percentage of the required forms. We can file your emergency bankruptcy today while you are in our office, most times within 30 minutes of meeting with you.

East Highland Park Virginia – About

East Highland Park is a town in Virginia with a population of 15,276. East Highland Park is in Henrico County. Living in East Highland Park offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In East Highland Park there are a lot of parks.

East Highland Park Virginia

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