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If you are behind on your bills and juggling debt every month, you may be considering filing bankruptcy in Nokesville Virginia to eliminate or restructure your debt. Getting out from under an unmanageable pile of debt is the surest way to get a fresh start and a brighter financial future. It is hard to build personal wealth mush less run a successful small business if you are paying your creditor’s high-interest rates, late fees, and penalties. Filing for bankruptcy is the first step in a plan for building a stronger financial future with the cash flow you have after obtaining debt relief.

Fisher-Sandler, LLC specializes in filing for chapter 7, chapter 13 and chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. With over 40 years of combined bankruptcy filing experience, Nathan Fisher and Michael Sandler have what it takes to get your bankruptcy filed and approved in a timely manner. Let our experienced Nokesville bankruptcy lawyers Nathan Fisher and Michael Sandler help you get out of debt, stop creditors from calling, and keep more of your hard-earned money. If you are serious about using bankruptcy to help restart your financial future, the debt relief attorneys at Fisher-Sandler are ready to help. Consultations are always FREECall (703) 494-3323 today.

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Nokesville Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases are typically referred to as “liquidation” cases. In our opinion, however, such a label is misleading. When many of our clients first hear the “liquidation” they assume that the bankruptcy court is going to come to their house and have a huge garage sale with everything they own. In reality, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Unless you have your own assets with significant value, most of the things in our clients’ homes are able to simply “pass-through” the bankruptcy.

This is done by utilizing various “exemptions” in the bankruptcy code. A good Nokesville bankruptcy attorney knows exactly how much personal property can be exempted under the code. Our lawyers will work closely with you to exempt as much of your property as possible. Many of our Nokesville Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients are able to eliminate or “discharge” 100% of their debts while keeping 100% of their personal property and assets.

If you can qualify based on your income and monthly expenses, it is almost always best to pursue Chapter 7 bankruptcy over Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is because Chapter 7 cases are relatively quick, while Chapter 13 cases often take up to five years or sixty months. Additionally, in a Chapter 7 case, you typically pay your creditors nothing. 100% of your qualifying unsecured debts are completely discharged or “wiped out”.

Nokesville Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases involve repaying some of your debts over time. The amount that you pay depends on a number of financial variables, including your income and the amounts that you owe your secured creditors. There are many reasons to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead of Chapter 7. The first, frankly, is out of necessity. Many of our higher-income clients simply cannot qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Additionally, if you are behind on your mortgage but you still have enough income to pay it every month after you stop paying your unsecured creditors, then Chapter 13 gives you a chance to catch up on arrears by making monthly payments that you can afford. This is the crux of any Chapter 13 plan. It’s really kind of a “bankruptcy payment plan” for your debts.

After analyzing your finances, one of our Nokesville bankruptcy lawyers puts together a payment plan that you can afford. Your secured creditors get paid first. If there is nothing left of your monthly payment after you secured creditors are paid, then you end up paying your unsecured creditors, such as credit card companies, nothing. At the end of your payment plan, any remaining unsecured debts are wiped out.

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