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Fisher-Sandler, LLC has helped thousands of Northern Virginia residents, including Bull Run file for bankruptcy protection under the US bankruptcy code. We specialize in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

If you are facing wage garnishment, foreclosure, IRS tax liens, creditor lawsuits, etc we can help you today. Stop those harassing creditor phone calls and letters. Fisher-Sandler can help you get your life back and get you the fresh start you deserve.

If you are behind on your bills and juggling debt every month, you may be considering filing bankruptcy in Bull Run Virginia to eliminate or restructure your debt. Getting out from under an unmanageable pile of debt is the surest way to get a fresh start and a brighter financial future. It is hard to build personal wealth mush less run a successful small business if you are paying your creditor’s high-interest rates, late fees, and penalties. Filing for bankruptcy is the first step in a plan for building a stronger financial future with the cash flow you have after obtaining debt relief.

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Bull Run Bankruptcy Services:

Bull Run Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to as liquidation bankruptcy. But, this can be misleading. Many of our clients do not lose any of their property in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Instead, it is protected through the use of bankruptcy exemptions. Essentially, the property passes through the bankruptcy and is NOT liquidated.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type of filed consumer bankruptcy. And, a good Bull Run Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney knows how to maximize their client’s protection under our federal and Virginia bankruptcy laws. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges 100% of all qualifying unsecured debt.

If you are able to qualify for Chapter 7 protection, this is almost always your best option because it is often inexpensive and very fast.

Bull Run Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is commonly known as a “wage earner plan” in which regular income is used to repay part, most, and sometimes all your debts (though usually with reduced or zero interest).

If you have a higher than average income, need to catch up on a mortgage, need to restructure a car loan or other secured debt or have back taxes, tickets or domestic support obligations such as child support, a Chapter 13 may be right for you. Chapter 13 allows you to stop creditors immediately and pay what you can afford over three to five years.

Chapter 13 is like a Chapter 7 in that you file a list of your property, your debt, your income and your expenses with the bankruptcy court. With Chapter 13 you also propose a plan to repay your creditors. The plan must be approved by a bankruptcy judge. A trustee is appointed who collects monthly payments from you and distributes the money according to your plan. Creditors and the trustee can object to your plan. Your attorney helps you with these objections and, if necessary, argues why your plan should be approved over the objections in bankruptcy court.

About a month after you file your case, you have to meet with the trustee to go over your bankruptcy papers and plan. The trustee may bring up some objections at that point. Your Bull Run bankruptcy attorney will usually work out any issues with creditors and the trustee out of court. It is very hard for non-bankruptcy attorneys to approve a bankruptcy plan. In the vast majority of cases, you will not have to attend any other hearings other than this first one with the trustee. If your attorney has to argue your case before a bankruptcy judge, your presence is usually not required.

When you finish your plan, you get a discharge which wipes out the dischargeable debt you did not pay. You can pay anywhere from 0% to 100% on unsecured debt like credit cards or medical bills, depending on your income. Some debt is non-dischargeable, such as student loans and fines. Chapter 13 allows you to discharge more kinds of debt than a Chapter 7, such as debt you owe to an ex-spouse because you did not pay the marital debt you both owed while married.

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Bull Run is a suburb of Washington, D.C. with a population of 15,235. Bull Run is located in Prince William County Virginia. Living in Bull Run offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. In Bull Run, there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many families and young professionals live in Bull Run. If you are a student of the Civil War or even looking to learn more then Bull Run is a great area to visit. The rich history that is evident throughout the Bull Run and Manassas area is robust. For families, there are numerous activities to explore together, whether outside in nature or local museums.

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