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Are you thinking about filing for bankruptcy in Tuckahoe? When facing a financial uphill battle with your creditors, it is a good idea to contact an experienced Tuckahoe bankruptcy attorney. With so many changes to the United States bankruptcy code in 2005, it can become overwhelming and confusing when thinking about filing bankruptcy protection for yourself. Wage garnishment, foreclosure, eviction, car repossession, frozen bank account/accounts, IRS tax levy, creditor lawsuits, judgments, utility bill cut-offs can all be stopped immediately after filing for bankruptcy. The “automatic stay” protects you from any further creditor actions while your case is under review and pending approval by the Bankruptcy Court.

At Fisher-Sandler, LLC – Richmond, VA we have been helping Tuckahoe, Richmond and Henrico County Virginia residents file for bankruptcy protection under the United States bankruptcy code since 1999. With thousands of successful chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions filed for residents and small business owners since 1999, Fisher-Sandler, LLC has the knowledge and experience of the bankruptcy laws to get your case filed and accepted by the Trustee and Bankruptcy Court in short order. Nathan Fisher, Michael Sandler, and Sharon Choi Stuart have a combined 60 + years of bankruptcy law experience. Give The Law Offices of Fisher-Sandler a call today at (804) 664-3643 to schedule your FREE consultation and find out if bankruptcy is the right option for you.

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Bankruptcy Services in Tuckahoe

Have you fallen behind on car payments and been threatened with repossession? Has a creditor filed a lawsuit against you? Has that lawsuit resulted in a judgment that the creditor is going to use to seek garnishment of your assets including your bank account or your wages? At the law firm of Fisher-Sandler, our Tuckahoe Virginia Consumer Bankruptcy Certified Attorney has been stopping repossession, garnishment, and levies for people in Tuckahoe and throughout Virginia since 1999 through bankruptcy.

Filing either Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy results in an automatic stay taking effect that prevents creditors from moving forward with motor vehicle repossession or repossession of any other property. Our Tuckahoe bankruptcy attorneys will carefully analyze your case before recommending a specific type of bankruptcy.

Our Tuckahoe Bankruptcy Services Offered:

– Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

– Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

– Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

– Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

– Mortgage Loan Modification

 Uncontested Divorce

– Stop Wage Garnishment

– Stop IRS Levy

– Stop Bank Levy

– Foreclosure Defense

– Student Loan Modification

– Property Exemptions

– Tax Forgiveness

– Auto Repossessions

– Stop Creditor Harassment

Tuckahoe Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy. While the term debt liquidation is often used in conjunction with this type of bankruptcy, the reality is that there is a great deal of exempt property allowed. Very few, if any, of a person’s assets will actually be liquidated and applied to the debt. More often than not, people in Tuckahoe and throughout Henrico County emerge from Chapter 7 debt-free and with most of their assets intact. Chapter 7 is a truly fresh start.

Most people filing for bankruptcy have been faced with an unexpected crisis or unforeseeable event that has left them unable to contend with mounting bills and expenses. You may have lost a job, suffered an injury or gone through an expensive divorce. Federal bankruptcy law often allows individuals and families who are unable to recover from debt the option of filing for bankruptcy. If you are faced with overwhelming debt, it is important to know your rights and options under bankruptcy law.

Who Should File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy filer is a person who has large credit card debt along with other unsecured bills and a few assets. By liquidating non-exempt assets, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can, in many instances, completely eliminate all your debts; however, certain debts cannot be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy such as alimony, child support, debts fraudulently incurred, certain taxes, student loans, and certain items you may have charged.

With certain exceptions, Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows people to obtain relief from personal loans, credit card debts, deficiency claims on repossessed vehicles or foreclosed real estate, auto accident claims, judgments, business debts, leases, personal guarantees, and negligence claims. Chapter 7 bankruptcy may also allow you to obtain forgiveness for certain tax debts such as income tax claims and the employer’s portion of payroll taxes for tax years more than three years old, but only if the tax returns for those tax years were filed more than two years before the bankruptcy case is filed.

A debtor begins the bankruptcy process by filing a petition with his or her local bankruptcy court. Once the petition is filed, an automatic stay goes into effect and your creditors are prohibited from making any attempt to collect their debt, including attempting foreclosure and repossession.

Tuckahoe Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 is a debt repayment that allows you to obtain relief for many types of debts. Under a Chapter 13 repayment plan, a Tuckahoe Bankruptcy Lawyer will help you create a plan to pay back a percentage of your debts over three to five years.

A Chapter 13 payment plan must offer to pay the full amount of all priority claims and all secured claims such as your home where the value of the collateral is greater than the amount of the debt. This means full payment all principal, plus all accrued interest and penalties due through the date the bankruptcy case is filed. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan must also agree to pay post-bankruptcy interest at the current market rate.

When Should I File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the proper option if you are behind on home mortgage or vehicle payments and want to keep the property. It can also be a good option if you want to alter unfavorable terms of a loan agreement. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to stop foreclosure on your home and arrange to pay the arrearage over three to five years.

A Chapter 13 repayment plan may also allow you to lower vehicle payments by reducing the debt to the value of the collateral, reducing the interest rate, and extending the term of the loan. Suppose you had a vehicle loan that you obtained three years ago and you have two years left to pay on the loan. Let’s also assume he payoff amount is $20,000 and the interest rate is 18 percent. If the market value of the vehicle is $10,000, you can propose a three-year bankruptcy plan that pays $10,000 at a lower interest rate. If accepted, the creditor must transfer the title free and clear of the lien after all payments under the plan have been completed.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also be used to reorganize a small business. In business cases, a debtor can repay debts (or arrearages on loan payments) in installments over three to five years. A small business owner may also use the “cram down” provisions of the bankruptcy laws to reduce installment payments and the interest rate paid on secured debts. A small business owner can also use Chapter 13 to selectively reject unfavorable contracts or unexpired leases.

Tuckahoe Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

A Chapter 11 case puts the individual in charge of his or her own bankruptcy estate as the “debtor in possession.” In that capacity, the individual can propose a plan of reorganization to the court based on available assets and cash flow. Moreover, if an individual’s debts exceed the Chapter 13 debt limits or if the individual does not have a regular income, a Chapter 11 case may be the best or only option. This is also true if the person plans to fund a reorganization by the sale of assets or anticipated future income.

The highly experienced bankruptcy lawyers at Fisher-Sandler, LLC, are well-equipped to handle individual Chapter 11 cases and have decades of experience representing both borrowers and lenders in Chapter 11 cases throughout Virginia. Because of our diverse legal backgrounds and experience handling a wide variety of bankruptcy-related business and personal legal matters, we are sure we can help you resolve any issue, no matter how complex it may seem.

Historically, individuals filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy when they exceeded the debt limits of Chapter 13. For instance, many celebrities and professional athletes are required to file a Chapter 11 rather than a Chapter 13 because they have far too much secured and unsecured debt. However, there are also a number of benefits in filing Chapter 11 for people who would otherwise qualify for Chapter 13.

Tuckahoe Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have a financial emergency and need to file an Emergency Bankruptcy or last minute bankruptcy case, contact, The Law Offices of Fisher-Sandler, LLC. We handle Emergency Bankruptcy cases and can provide you a free bankruptcy consultation to determine your bankruptcy options in order to deal with your financial emergency.

For the majority of people, it’s considered a financial emergency when your wages have been garnished, your bank account has been levied or attached, you expect a judgment for fraud or for contempt of court in a child support case to be entered, the repo man is at your door, or your home is being foreclosed on. These types of situations can often motivate people to file an emergency bankruptcy case. There are other situations that can be considered a personal bankruptcy emergency such as a pending lawsuit, an upcoming trial, an eviction, or the possibility of a Federal Tax Lien, turnover action, or the enforcement of a judgment against property.

When these kinds of things happen, it’s important to get bankruptcy advice from an experienced Tuckahoe Bankruptcy Attorney. Knowing all of your debt relief options is important when a financial crisis hits, because whether the bankruptcy emergency is personal, business, or is a combination of both, you emergency bankruptcy case needs to be filed correctly and with the appropriate pre-filing requirements completed. Our experienced Tuckahoe Bankruptcy Attorneys can explain your bankruptcy options and help you determine whether an Emergency Bankruptcy filing is appropriate in your situation.

Tuckahoe Virginia – About

Tuckahoe, Virginia, residents live in a vibrant area with a robust economy and strong educational institutions. Several prominent local historical sites also add to the feel of the community. For exampleTuckahoe Plantation, the childhood home of Thomas Jefferson, dates to 1733. Schools in the area include the University of Richmond, a prestigious private liberal arts school, and Douglas S. Freeman High School, one of the more highly rated high schools in the Commonwealth, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Tuckahoe is a census-designated place in Henrico County, Virginia, United States. It is an upper-middle-class suburb to the west of Richmond and home to some of the most expensive homes in the Richmond area along with the neighboring sections of Richmond City and Goochland County.

Tuckahoe Virginia

Sources: Wikipedia & https://www.longandfoster.com/VA/Richmond/Tuckahoe

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