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When you are facing serious financial issues, filing for bankruptcy in Hanover County might be your best option. With so many changes to US bankruptcy Code since the big change in 2005. Trying to go it alone can become confusing and quite overwhelming at best. When considering filing for bankruptcy in Hanover County Virginia you will need the services of an experienced Hanover County Bankruptcy Attorney.

At Fisher-Sandler, LLC – Richmond, VA we specialize in everything bankruptcy. Whether you need to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy (for individuals) or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the Hanover County bankruptcy lawyers at Fisher-Sandler have you covered. When you come in for your FREE consultation we will go over all your options and help you to decide if filing for bankruptcy is the best path for you to take.

Nathan Fisher, Michael Sandler, and Sharon Choi Stuart have a combined 60 + years of bankruptcy law experience. We have helped thousands of Richmond and Hanover County residents and small business owners successfully file for bankruptcy protection under the Bankruptcy Code since 1999. If you are currently facing wage garnishment, foreclosure, eviction, utility bill cut-offs, car repossession, truck repossession, creditor lawsuits, judgments, IRS tax levy, frozen bank account/accounts, etc we can help stop your financial nightmare today. Call our Richmond Bankruptcy Law Office of Fisher-Sandler now at (804) 664-3643 to schedule your FREE consultation.

Bankruptcy Services in Hanover County

When facing the unrelenting onslaught of constant creditor harassment. It can take a mental and physical toll on you and your family. During times like these, you need the help of an experienced Hanover County bankruptcy attorney. At Fisher-Sandler, LLC we specialize in bankruptcy law and have helped thousands of Hanover County and Richmond residents and small business owners since 1999 and we can help you too.

Our Hanover County Bankruptcy Servies Offered:

– Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

– Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

– Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

– Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

– Mortgage Loan Modification

 Uncontested Divorce

– Stop Wage Garnishment

– Stop IRS Levy

– Stop Bank Levy

– Foreclosure Defense

– Student Loan Modification

– Property Exemptions

– Tax Forgiveness

– Auto Repossessions

– Stop Creditor Harassment

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Hanover County Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Hanover County is usually a good option for people who have unmanageable levels of debt and no significant assets. It can be used to eliminate credit card debt, medical bills, and many other debts entirely. In Virginia, Chapter 7 filers get an opportunity to move forward again without the crushing burden of their debts.

Don’t believe the bankruptcy myths that you may have heard. The truth about bankruptcy is you can usually keep your home, your car or truck, and your personal property. After a while, you can begin to rebuild your credit rating. With the help of the Hanover County bankruptcy attorneys at Fisher-Sandler, LLC, you may be able to eliminate most debts and get your finances back on track.

What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Also known as a Liquidation Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 allows you to get out from under the weight of your debt in order to “start over.” All of your non-exempt assets are sold. That money goes pay off your debtors — sometimes pennies on the dollar, depending on the non-exempt assets you hold. In return, you receive a discharge of all debts that are permitted to be discharged in about four months.

If you have no assets, the process is faster. Exempt assets are properties you are allowed to keep. What these depend on the value of the assets and what exemptions apply specifically to you. Both Virginia and the federal government have a set of exemptions. Hanover County bankruptcy lawyers at Fisher-Sandler will be able to guide you to ensure that you get every exemption you are eligible for.

Hanover County Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Prior to filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (also known as a debt repayment plan), it is essential that you meet with an experienced Hanover County bankruptcy lawyer to understand all the benefits of this debt relief option. Chapter 13 is not about qualifying, it is about proving feasibility. You must show the Court that you have enough disposable income after living expenses, to support a repayment plan.

If your income is lower than the median, you may propose a three-year repayment plan. If your income is higher than the median, you may propose a five-year repayment plan. If you lose your job halfway through the payment plan, you may request a modification.

What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

You will not qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy if secured debts such as your mortgage, exceeds $1,010,650, or unsecured debts such as money owed on credit cards, exceeds $336,900. If you decide to move forward with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you must complete the required credit counseling education to meet bankruptcy requirements.

When you file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the court will order an automatic stay. That means that your creditors may not contact you at work or at home to collect unpaid debts. If your home is in foreclosure, it may not be sold, and creditors may not garnish your wages. The stay remains in force throughout the three to five years of the payment plan.

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Hanover County Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy case begins with the filing of a petition with the bankruptcy court. As with cases under other chapters of the Bankruptcy Code, once the petition is filed, you will immediately get the benefit of the “automatic stay” which is an order that prohibits your creditors from taking collection actions against you. All debt collection action including lawsuits, garnishments, and foreclosures are suspended, giving you time to negotiate with your creditors on a repayment plan. The automatic stay continues until the court approves your plan of reorganization.

After you file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you’ll disclose your income, assets, and debts on official bankruptcy forms. It is at that point that you begin negotiating your reorganization plan with your creditors. Why would your creditors be willing to negotiate with you? It is because the creditors know that if they don’t you might be forced to file a Chapter 7 and they would receive little or nothing.

Chapter 11 is a very complex area of law. If you are a high-income debtor with significant assets or if you have exceeded the debt limits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may want to consider filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Take the time to talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney at Fisher-Sandler, about how Chapter 11 bankruptcy can work for you. Contact us at (804) 664-3643 to schedule your FREE consultation.

Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney Hanover County

You may not have any other choice than to file for emergency bankruptcy. The emergency petition requires only the most essential forms to be filed in order to gain the protection of the automatic stay. The automatic stay protects your property, assets, and gives you additional time to file the rest of the bankruptcy forms necessary. It can even some time require that creditors return property that was recently repossessed or levied.

Before you file for an emergency Ch 7 bankruptcy, bankruptcy law requires you to take a court-approved credit counseling class. Those disabled, serving in a combat zone, or physically impaired to the extent where they can not make it to the course are exempt. The credit counseling course may be taken online, in person, or in some cases over the telephone. Once the class has been completed you must take a quiz before you receive a certificate of credit counseling. Your certificate must be dated at least one day before the date of your bankruptcy filing.

Our Emergency Bankruptcy Lawyers in Hanover County Virginia can assist you if an emergency situation should arise. Many times emergency situations happen with little or no warning. When these unfortunate events happen in a person’s life, there is peace of mind knowing that our team of debt relief experts at Fisher-Sandler, LLC are there to assist you every step of the way.

Hanover County Virginia – About

Hanover County Virginia with miles and miles of open space to explore, you can discover history, adventure and an easily accessible location in Hanover County. Here, more than 400 years of American history live on through preserved artifacts, historical buildings, and hallowed battlefields.

But the County makes history in other ways, too. Enjoy the great outdoors at one of our many parks or rivers. Conquer the thrills of Kings Dominion’s 15 roller coasters. Dine-in a 225-year-old tavern that has hosted George Washington, Patrick Henry, and the Marquis de Lafayette. And with a variety of restaurants, diverse shopping, and down-home festivals, Hanover County is ideal for weekend getaways and vacations.

Hanover County Virginia

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