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Are you looking to file for bankruptcy protection in Vienna Virginia? If so you will need the services of an experienced Vienna bankruptcy attorney. With the changes to the US bankruptcy code in 2005, it has become more and more confusing and overwhelming to try to go it alone.

At Fisher-Sandler, LLC we have a combined 40+ years of combined bankruptcy law experience. Nathan Fisher and Michael Sandler have filed thousands of successful bankruptcy petitions for residents and small business owners in Northern Virginia and Vienna since 1999.

We specialize in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you are being harassed by creditors day and night bankruptcy maybe your best option. The decision to file for bankruptcy is never easy. By using Federal bankruptcy laws, you can help protect your home and assets. Contact our Law Offices at (703) 691-1642 to schedule your FREE consultation.

Bankruptcy Services in Vienna VA

At Fisher-Sandler, LLC We have extensive experience in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings and can help you understand which one is right for you. We take the time to make sure you understand the laws that apply to your situation, so you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Our Vienna Bankruptcy Services We Offer:

– Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

– Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

– Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

– Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

– Mortgage Loan Modification

 Uncontested Divorce

– Stop Wage Garnishment

– Stop IRS Levy

– Stop Bank Levy

– Foreclosure Defense

– Student Loan Modification

– Property Exemptions

– Tax Forgiveness

– Auto Repossessions

– Stop Creditor Harassment

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Vienna Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, often called liquidation bankruptcy, is part of the bankruptcy code that allows a person to eliminate individual debt such as credit card bills, medical debt, personal loans, utility bills, and other unsecured debt and allow discharge of secured debt before or after repossession or foreclosure to avoid collection of deficiencies. This type of bankruptcy is usually the quickest and easiest way to eliminate your debt, usually taking up to about 90 to 120 days from case filing to finish.

As soon as you file for bankruptcy, all collection activity will immediately halt with the “automatic stay“. This will allow you the breathing space to assess the financial resources available to manage any debt left over when your bankruptcy is completed. While some debt cannot be discharged through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, like educational loans and marital debt, most debt will be permanently eliminated. Certain debts, such as home mortgages and auto loans, can be reaffirmed and continued on or put back on a normal payment schedule, avoiding repossession or foreclosure of a necessary family asset.

Once you file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an injunction known as the “automatic stay” goes into effect. The automatic stay requires creditors to stop all collection actions, including lawsuits. Banks and mortgage companies must halt foreclosure proceedings. While the stay is temporary and may be challenged, it can help you avoid home eviction or the repossession of your cars and appliances.

Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Vienna Va

In order to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must first qualify according to a means test. Generally speaking, if your monthly income is less than Wisconsin’s mean monthly income for houses of a similar size, you can file under the terms of Chapter 7.

What gets discharged? If you qualify, your credit card balances, loans and other forms of unsecured debt will be discharged. Depending on your situation, you may also be able to discharge tax debt as well.

What gets discharged? If you qualify, your credit card balances, loans and other forms of unsecured debt will be discharged. Depending on your situation, you may also be able to discharge tax debt as well.

What if I am behind on mortgage payments? After having your unsecured debt wiped clean, you may have enough disposable income to bring your mortgage current and maintain monthly payments. If not, you may be able to convince your bank to modify your loan; however, loan modifications are not part of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, nor are banks required to offer them after you’ve filed for bankruptcy. Depending on the amount owed, you could pursue a Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead.

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Vienna Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Vienna Virginia

If you don’t meet the means test requirements for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will likely have to file under Chapter 13. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is essentially a reorganization of your unsecured debt. Often referred to as a “wage earners bankruptcy,” you will be required to submit a repayment plan for approval by the court.

Typically, under the terms of Chapter 13, you must make payments to repay a portion of what you owe over a three- to five-year period. While your debts will not be automatically discharged as in Chapter 7, you can include debt on cars, appliances, and loans in your repayment plan. As a result, it’s easier to avoid foreclosure and the repossession of your goods under Chapter 13.

Once a bankruptcy judge reviews your repayment plan and approves it, a trustee may be appointed to distribute your payments to creditors per the terms of your Chapter 13 plan. While creditors can object to the terms of a proposed plan, once a judge accepts it there is very little they can do.

Vienna Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

If you look at your company’s heavy debt burdens and wish you could reorganize them to make repayment easier, Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be a viable option. Many people think that Chapter 11 is only for businesses, but individuals can take advantage of this when filing for bankruptcy in Vienna Virginia as well.

The primary purpose of Chapter 11 is to protect ongoing operations from collapse. If debt payments or debt collection efforts are causing a business to struggle, that organization may be interested in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. An individual who will lose significant equity to repossession or foreclosure is also a good candidate for this petition. To begin a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, contact a skilled Vienna bankruptcy lawyer from Fisher-Sandler, LLC. We can work with you to help you prepare for filing and help you avoid actions that could damage your case.

Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney Vienna VA

Emergency bankruptcy filings are sometimes necessary in Vienna VA. Filing for Bankruptcy is a big decision that should be carefully considered. However, sometimes it is the best move for your financial situation, and sometimes you need bankruptcy protection immediately! Circumstances that call for an emergency bankruptcy filing may arise, and our Vienna Virginia bankruptcy attorneys can help. If you are facing a foreclosure or wage garnishment, bankruptcy may provide you with the protection from creditors as the Automatic Stay comes into play immediately and all collection action and lawsuits must cease.

Our Emergency Bankruptcy Lawyers in Vienna Virginia can assist you if an emergency situation should arise. Many times emergency situations happen with little or no warning. When these unfortunate events happen in a person’s life, there is peace of mind knowing that our team of debt relief experts at Fisher-Sandler, LLC are there to assist you every step of the way.

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Vienna Virginia – About

The town of Vienna, Virginia is located approximately 5.5 miles southwest of the Potomac River. It is 12 miles west of Washington, D.C., and just 2 miles northeast of Fairfax City. This beautiful town has 16 neighborhoods from which to choose, all contained within 4.4 square miles of land.

In August 2013, CNNMoney and Money magazine ranked Vienna, VA third on its list of the 100 best places to live in the United States. In addition to highly ranked public schools,[6] its assets include a downtown with many small businesses, a Washington Metro station with large parking garages (the western terminus of the Orange Line) just south of the town, and a portion of the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park hiker/biker trail cutting through the center of the town. Tysons Corner, a residential, commercial and shopping district, is nearby, as is Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts.

Sources: Wikipedia & https://www.longandfoster.com/VA/Vienna

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